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In a town where the veil between realms is

at its weakest, nothing is as it seems.

Ryder Grimm doesn’t believe in the

supernatural, but he’s gained a huge

following and fame as a paranormal

investigator. Jessa travels from the fae

realm to protect him when the leaders

of her world order his execution. Their

differences breed stubborn resentment

between the two, but an unexplainable

bond fuels their desires.

Ryder and Jessa share a connection that

neither of them can explain and both of

them fight against it, but when someone

or something starts attacking the locals

they must put aside their differences and work together. As time is running out will they be able to save the humans and prove to the paranormal creatures that the one-time con man can be an asset to their community rather than a liability?

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Sometimes what we think is make-believe turns out to be real and what we think is real is all a dream...

Rissa's world fell apart after a tragic accident, but life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out that the voice that has been whispering to her at night isn't just in her dreams and the handsome man down the hall turns out to be more than he seems.

This is An Other Realms Stand Alone Novel and was previously published in the fantasy romance box set Day Dreams and Night Desires under the title Night Whispers.


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