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Welcome to the Other Realms


A universe that is full of everything from vampires, fae, witches, and even dragons. Just to name a few. You will find magic, fated mates, betrayal, and revenge in the infinite realities behind the thinning veil. Each book is a stand-alone story.

In a town where the supernatural veil is at its weakest, nothing is as it seems.


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Sometimes what we think is make-believe turns out to be real and what we think is real is all a dream...

Rissa's world fell apart after a tragic accident, but life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out that the voice that has been whispering to her at night isn't just in her dreams and the handsome man down the hall turns out to be more than he seems.


This is An Other Realms Stand Alone Novel and was previously published in the fantasy romance box set Day Dreams and Night Desires under the title Night Whispers.

Sammi’s job as a ghost tour guide and being a witch ensures life is never dull. But when an injured werewolf shows up on her tour, things get a little out of control.

A mysterious group of hunters has a target on Duke’s back, and if Sammi gets involved, it will put her in danger too. But can she just walk away and leave the werewolf to fend for himself?

Sammi must choose between protecting herself and her coven or helping the handsome wolf uncover the mystery behind the Full Moon Hunt.

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Blood, lust, and a second chance at love.

Kell is a vampire who hunts his own kind. When his city is plagued by feral vampires, he jumps at the chance to go on the hunt again, but what he finds leaves him speechless.

Echo knows one thing and one thing only: She wants to survive. Unfortunately, the world she’s woken up in is cold, dark, and unforgiving. To make matters worse, she is drawn to the arrogant vampire hunter who will determine her fate.

If Echo is to survive, they need to learn to trust one another, but in a world full of dangers and betrayal, trust is scarce and even harder to keep.

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