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New Release

Den of Liars

Revelations, Book Three

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Available June 27, 2019

He is a traitor.

They have a long history.

When the Dark Souls are assigned to a top-level mission for the Order, Sabina must come face to face with Graham and the painful memories of her past. The apocalypse is heating up, everyone is keeping secrets, and some secrets will either break Sabina or make her stronger if she can survive that long.

The allies who stand on the side of humanity are doing their best to hold the world together but something sinister is working overtime to tear it all apart.

Evil is growing stronger.

The time for the End Game is nearing and there’s no telling if it can be stopped.

WARNING: This book includes graphic violence, sex, and a fair share of foul language- seasoned lightly with a healthy dose of sarcasm and snark.

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